I’ve always loved to paint. I took a circuitous route to be exactly where I want to be – painting full-time in a studio surrounded by fields and estuaries in coastal Maine.

I received my BFA in 1979 from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC, where I studied with Robert Stackhouse and attended summer painting workshops in Tenants Harbor and on High Island.

During the art boom of the 1980s, I worked at the Andrew Crispo Gallery in Manhattan, handling American 20th century art before joining a New York design firm to focus on packaging design. In 2001, I returned to school to become a horticulturist and spent most of my professional life cultivating gardens for David Rockefeller's Hudson Pines Farm and The New York Botanical Garden.

For many years, I was too busy with life ─ raising a family and earning a living ─ and was only able to paint sometimes. When I picked up my paintbrush again, the stroke I started was like the same stroke I’d started years before and it was if no time had passed.

In 2013, I moved to Cushing, Maine and began working on the paintings for Blue Wood. During my first painting trip to Tenants Harbor at age 20, I knew I found my place in Maine ─ it just took me 40 years to get back to where I belonged.

I love to think about vision, light and how our brain and other senses work to focus our understanding of what we see. The act of painting leads me through things I imagine and I remain in suspended animation through the process guided by what I see in my mind's eye.

Article: Alison Williams,"10 Emerging New England Artists: A Jury of Six Selects an Extraordinary 10,"  Art New England volume 39, issue 2 (March/April 2018): page. 27-35



Jody Payne




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